Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Patience and Temper

                      Most of us have had them a situation in which we have to use patience to get through to said person in the situation or it would turn ugly.

                      I remember once when I had been praying for patience and help to handle my temper, and boy did I ever get tested. It came to head when I was the center of a situation in which I had to be even tempered and patient.

                     The other lady in this situation was she extremely upset and was not ready to listen to reason. She keep yelling at me more and more especially when I refused to join her in the yelling match. When she saw I was not going to give in she calmed herself and we were finally able to resolve the situation. Had it not been for me being able to stay calm and patient with the help of the Lord, the situation would have been ten times worse than it turned out to be.

                     During this time of prayer for patience and temper control I was not only in the situation above but others that did not fair so well. But keeping Proverbs 15:18 in helped me get to the point in which I was able to be even tempered and patient. I still have to work at it but it has become easier.



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