Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Closer to God


                    There is no unique formula or list of rules to get closer to God and sometimes it can be a struggle to get closer because of what you do to get there,                  

For example you can...

  • In His Word (the bible) on a daily basis. In doing so you get to know Him and His promises that He has for us. 
  • You also should try to have a rich prayer life. Meaning, you just talk to Him daily pouring out your heart. 
  • You should have love for Him and His people. 
  • Meet with other Christians in fellowship.
  • Journal to God. Pouring out your heart in your writings.
  • Serve in an area where you help others that are in need. Putting what you are learning about God into action.
  • Go to church. Because the bible tells us that we should get together and fellowship with other believers.
  • Worship God. Thinking more than just music, think attitude towards God as you listen to the music. 
  • Give to God.
  • Share the Gospel to others.
                    This is just a few things you can do to draw closer to God. In doing them there is no perfect way to execute  them but it is a matter of your heart and where it is as you do them. The point is to get closer to God.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Modern Day Miracle

                    God may not be parting the Red Sea but He is definitely doing modern day miracles.

                    The day was September 9, 2015, it was a 90 degree 100% humidity type of day. No air condition to speak of. Sweat pouring down/out of places that you didn't even know could sweat,
                    On this day Me and my son went to Wal-mart to grab a few items. As we raced through Wal-Mart I felt fine no idea that there was anything wrong. As we walked out of Wal-Mart my world went black for a moment. I remember vaguely talking to two gentlemen as I lay outside of Wal-Mart, to the paramedic in the ambulance, and then vaguely to the ER doctor before my world went dark for approximately 48 hours.
                    When I woke up I did not realize how serious what happened was until the doctor came in and said "We are surprised you are awake" which was shocking to hear. He then told me I was in multiple system failure (heart, kidney, and respiratory).
                    I knew immediately that God had performed a miracle by allowing me to wake up that day. I felt revived and alive and my life would never be the same. I have such peace since this time. I am proof as many others are of God's miracles. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Patience and Temper

                      Most of us have had them a situation in which we have to use patience to get through to said person in the situation or it would turn ugly.

                      I remember once when I had been praying for patience and help to handle my temper, and boy did I ever get tested. It came to head when I was the center of a situation in which I had to be even tempered and patient.

                     The other lady in this situation was she extremely upset and was not ready to listen to reason. She keep yelling at me more and more especially when I refused to join her in the yelling match. When she saw I was not going to give in she calmed herself and we were finally able to resolve the situation. Had it not been for me being able to stay calm and patient with the help of the Lord, the situation would have been ten times worse than it turned out to be.

                     During this time of prayer for patience and temper control I was not only in the situation above but others that did not fair so well. But keeping Proverbs 15:18 in helped me get to the point in which I was able to be even tempered and patient. I still have to work at it but it has become easier.



Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Hold Your Tongue

When words are many, sin, is not absent, but he who holds his tongue is wise. Proverbs 10:19

          I have learned that words can really rip a person apart. Words can hurt a person worse than something physical. This is because words stay with you longer than any physical injury does, most of the time anyways.

          I remember several times in which I did not 'hold my tongue' and just let the words flow like water from a faucet not caring how the recipient reacted or how they were hurt by my words.
          That is until one day I verbally lashed out at a former supervisor of mine and as a result I ended up suspended from work without pay. And for the longest time I felt I was justified in all that was said. That was until God convicted me an spoke to my heart, showing me the error of my ways. 

          Sometimes there are things that are better left unsaid, especially when it is not beneficial to the person who is on the receiving end. You should also speak the truth in love and speak words to build a person up and not tear them down. So remember ;hold your tongue' and speak love.