Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Being Still

     Be still...how hard that is for us? To be still. Always on the go, from one activity to the next. And God just wants a little time with us and yet He is the last thing we get to sometimes or just a fleeting thought in or busy schedules. 
     With it being the beginning of the year most of us are going to make the dreaded "resolution" that the majority of us are going to fail at repetitively because we make some unobtainable and superficial goals. Ones that are self focused that do not hit the core of our being/soul. Ones that are based on what society thinks we should have or how we should be in this rat race of a world. Continually, trying to keep up with the newest trend/fad. 
     One thing I have learned is to slow down and not to be so hasty with my time. To look at this time of year to reflect on the past year and to learn from it. To not be quick to make a empty "resolution", but to Be Still and to listen for what God wants me to do for this year. To not focus on the world and self, but to focus on Him and others. To not let the crazy business of this world to take my focus off of Him and what He wants for me. Recently, I almost let this world devour me and actually contemplated suicide. All because I took my focus off of Him and focused on this world and my current circumstances, getting caught up in the craziness around me, instead of being still and focusing on my Abba daddy. 
     So for me, I am slowing down and making Christ first and letting everything else fall into place as He wants it for my life. And I will do this by being still and listening for His sweet sweet voice. 
     So I challenge you and myself to stay the course and Be Still this year and live a life full of Christ's desires for our lives this year and if you slip and get caught up in the rat race, step off and start over again.