Thursday, August 18, 2011

God and His Love

                           Have you had a season (a day, week, month, year or years) that you just felt like the Lord was not there for you? Well I have and for a moment I have taken my eyes off the source of my strength. Which is the Lord himself. This makes you wallow and feel depressed and like there is no hope. The Lord is our strength and when we feel low or alone we need to go to Him and His word.
                             I can see your mind now, "Why would I go to the one who has left my side and allow this to happen?" Well the answer is in His word and though you may not feel it, going to Him and His word, will comfort you.
                           Romans 8:39 is a perfect example of God's love for us and how he will be there for us, it says, "Neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord."
                            Did you catch that, nothing can separate us from God's love. No matter what we do how we feel, God is still there loving us. Just take it all to Him he already knows He just wants us to tell Him and to go to Him. To praise and rejoice in Him in the good and the bad times.
                           The Bible is full of examples of people that fell on hard times but still turned to the Lord. For just a few examples, David and the book of Psalms is a place to look for examples of how to cry out to the Lord about anything, and He will be there for you. After all David committed adultery and murder among other things and he still was a man after God's on heart. The other example can be found in the book of Job. Job lost everything and was God's faithful servant and remained so even when his own wife told him to curse God but he never did he turned God in everything that he went through and God was there every step of the way. The last example I use is my own life right now, for the past few years I have experienced many valley experiences, the failure of my marriage, the loss of income and the decline in my health and while I did not depend on the Lord everyday of these struggles on the days that I did it was amazing, glorious and the most peaceful days I have had in my life.
                          The point, take it to God anything and everything He can handle it He wants us to, that is the way we build that relationship with Him that we and He wants. No matter when it is, in your down seasons in the valley or on the mountain top when you have plenty. And also He will still love you no matter what.
                           God bless you through out your day, week, month and year. No matter where you are in your walk with Him, No matter what you are going through God bless you.


  1. Hey there beautiful Unity,
    Of course I remember you and your powerful story. Thanks for posting on my blog. I enjoyed reading the information you gave me at She Speaks. Praying all of HIS best and biggest blessings to you.